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Winter League Dressage 21/11/21

Well done to all those that look part in today’s winter league dressage. Also thanks to the organisers, Mairi Ralston and Tracy McArthur,

Diane Ralston for the use of her lovely arena and to Faye Smith Kerr for teaching and judging. It was a bit chilly but a otherwise a perfect autumn day 🐴. Results and photos below:


1st - julie /Alex

2nd - Enid/Todd

3rd- Catriona/Cian

4th - Sandy/ jack

5th - Lee/ Iona


1st - Rosslyn/ Molly

2nd- Heather/ Jack

3rd - Debbie/Lacey

4th - Conor/Lexi

5th - Rosslyn/Fergus

6th - Liz/Brie

PC intro

1st - Erin/Daphney

2nd- Zoe/Molly

3rd - Amy/Fi

4th - Zoe/Fergus

5th - Amelie/Porridge

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