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2022/23 Winter League Final

Results from yesterday’s dressage league final were as follows:

Intro - 1st Lesley Boyle and Boo

Prelim - 1st Lesley Boyle and Stella

2nd Karen Dixon and Troy

3rd Heather Dixon and Jack

4th Lesley Boyle and Boo

5th Toni Stewart and Lilly

Novice: 1st Tricia O’Reilly and Maddie

2nd Heather Dixon and Jack

3rd Karen Dixon and Troy

Trophy winners were:

Intro - Wendy Baillie and Amir

Prelim - Karen Dixon and Troy

Novice - Tricia O’Reilly and Maddie

Overall - Heather Dixon and Jack

Many thanks to Lou Boase for judging the day and presenting prizes and to Amy Anderson for scribing. As always, thanks to John Brailsford for allowing us to use his arena and facilities

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